BORA is a decentralized entertainment
platform focused to distribute
digital contents and provide
incentives to participants

  • Main TargetGame, Digital entertainment

Token Sale has finished.Total amount 1,325,000,000 BORA Token has been generated

BORA Chain Network

Layer-2 blockchain structure utilizes decentralized Ethereum network to acquire stability and usability

  • PoASufficient transaction performance for larger user service
  • Multi ChannelingScalability and to ensure service availability
  • Modular StructureEnsure unit application independence and stability

Layer structure for Application Ecosystem

Token Ecosystem

BORA Token secures security and reliability by Ethereum network.
BORA Shell is used for commercial services that require performance and capacity on the BORA Chain.
BORA ensures mutual conversion of two tokens through BORA Token Manager based on smart contract.

BORA Application

Providing user-friendly web portal and mobile application

  • User Accounts and asset Management
  • Token usage and conversion
  • Access to applications within ecosystems.
  • User-friendly UI/UX

Future use-cases

BORA consists of both unique BORA Chain and Token Economic Structure.
It can be utilized in various forms including online and mobile games, digital entertainment,
and all other previous fields of business that are better suited for blockchain
BORA will bring advanced and cutting-edge technology for every business
as well as whole ecosystem creates greater market value.

  • Digital asset for
    both games and digital
    content distribution

  • Safe recording of digital
    info, transparent disclosure
    and proof of ownership

  • Increasing user participation,
    effective marketing and
    promotion tool for motivation

  • Earning, exchanging,
    trading digital asset

  • Program for fairness of service

  • Purchasing and payment
    solution for digital items

  • Prize event
    for tournaments and games

  • Tokenization and rewards
    for music streaming service


Q2 Ecosystem
BORA - Prototype

BORA Lagoon(Dev.), Internal test
Platform architecture design

Whitepaper 1.0

Bora Chain Structure R&D
Token economy R&D

Q3 Ecosystem
Prototype and
BORA - Alpha

Release Alpha public version

BORA Lagoon (Alpha)
BORA Block Explorer (Alpha)

BORA - Beta1

Release Beta1 public version

BORA Lagoon (Beta)
BORA Block Explorer (Beta)

Q1 Ecosystem
BORA - Beta2

Release Beta2 public version
Release Prototype Game Dapp

BORA Lagoon (Beta2)
BORA Block Explorer (Beta2)
BORA Atoll (Beta)

Q2We are here
BORA 1.0

Release BORA Platform
Release Live Game Dapp service

BORA Lagoon 1.0
BORA Block Explorer 1.0
BORA Atoll 1.0
BORA Island 1.0

Q3 Ecosystem
BORA 1.1

Release BORA Mobile
Expand to Global service/market

BORA Lagoon 1.1
BORA Block Explorer 1.1
BORA Atoll 1.1
BORA Island 1.1

BORA 2.0

Performance enhancement

BORA Lagoon update
BORA Atoll update
BORA Island update

Q2 Ecosystem
Expansion & Evolution
BORA 3.0

Beyond games
BORA Chain Scale up

BORA Lagoon update
BORA Atoll update
BORA Island update
BORA Payment 1.0

Token Allocation

Total 1,325,000,000 BORA
  • Token sale 40%
  • Reserve 20%
  • Ecosystem 25%
  • Team & Advisor 15%

Token Sale Complete

BORA Token Smart Contract Address

Check official BORA Token distribution with the Smart Contract address.

Blog of BORA



  • Q.What does BORA stand for?

    BORA is an acronym for Blockchain Orchestrated Redeemable Asset.

  • Q.Why create a blockchain platform?

    Current players in the market charge high processings fees and/or royalties under the pretense that they act as agents for user acquisition and marketing. We strive to create a transparent, fair platform with minimized transaction fees, allowing the service providers to focus on offering good products. This, in turn, will lead to a more sustainable environment for both the platform and service provider.

  • Q.Why blockchain technology-based platform?

    Blockchain technology fosters a transparent data structure between the service provider and the end user. Only a distributed ledger will be kept by the service provider, which prevents data breaches akin to incidents experienced by larger corporations as of late.

  • Q.What is the protocol for BORA's platform?

    BORA's private network follows a PoA(Proof of Authority) method. This will solve Ethereum mainnet's performance, scalability, and gas fee issues.

  • Q.Why is BORA Ethereum based?

    We believe that Ethereum mainnet has the most potential for growth. The fact that Ethereum has the highest number of DApps speaks to the stability & security of Ethereum, and Ethereum also boasts of the most active developer community.

  • Q.Is BORA Chain a proprietary technology?

    Layer-2 network makes distinguishing structure of BORA, applications of each contents provider are applied to designated private BORA Chain to be utilized. BORA Chain was developed on both Open Zeppelin and a proprietary frame that consists of 3 patent-pending technologies.